Blue Ocean Nails Bar | Nail salon in Malden MA 02148



Regular Manicure $23

Manicure offers a warm hand soak, trimming, and reshaping, followed by thorough cuticle care and a relaxing hand massage. Completes with a nail polish of your choice.

Spa Manicure $35

Regular Manicure with the addition of a hand mask and sea salt scrub. Finishes with a nail polish of your choice.

Blue Ocean Manicure $40

Includes everything from a Regular Manicure. Renews and softens dry skin and cuticles by soaking your hands in a spa soak, a sea salt scrub, masking with a warm towel, and followed by a paraffin treatment. Finishes with a nail polish of your choice.

Gel Manicure $37
Gel X $60
Hybrid Gel $65

Additional Services For Hands

Nail Repair $5 +
Extra Massage (10 Mins) $12
Extra Massage (30 Mins) $30
Extra Paraffin $10
Regular Polish Change For Hands $15
Gel Polish Change For Hands $25
French For Hands $10
Nail Art Depends On Style


Spa Pedicure $38

Soften and clear dry skin and cuticles by soaking your feet. Relax with a spa scrub massage that removes dry skin and callus. Followed by an application of lotion and oil to moisturize your skin. Finishes with a nail polish of your choice.

Blue Ocean Pedicure $58

Relax with a soothing sea salt scrub that softens dry skin and cuticles and leaves the skin feeling nourished and renewed. Then an indulgent exfoliation using a creamy scrub to soften and smoothen skin. Moisturize with a Blue Ocean treatment mask for a fresh and luminous glow. Followed by our signature massage and paraffin treatment that will leave your feet feeling warm and new skin soft. Afterwards, Blue Ocean lotion and hot stone will melt away tension and restore balance while delivering intense moisture. Finishes with a nail polish of your choice.

Organic Pedicure $50

A pedicure that uses organic products. Soften dry skin and cuticles by soaking your feet. Remove dry skin and callus with an organic spa scrub massage. Followed by an application of organic lotion to moisturize your skin. Finishes with a nail polish of your choice.

Collagen Pedicure Or Volcano Pedicure $66

- Immerse feet in a bath bomb to enhance the soak

- Moisturize with a special lotion and paraffin treatment

- Removes dry skin with a scrub

- Relax with a special sea salt scrub

- Unwind with a 20-minute hot stone massage <- Hydrate using an organic mask with a warm towel

- Finish with a nail polish of your choice

Choose from the following luxurious options: Strawberry, Lemon, Lavender, Green Tea, Lemongrass, Jasmine, Pear, Peppermint, Orange, Olives, Tropical Citrus, Cucumber, Lime

Mill Pedicure $80
-Soak in milk, lemon, flower, and water.
-Cleanse feet with a warm towel.
-Trim and exfoliate skin.
-Indulge in a relaxing sugar and cerm massage.
-Apply a nourishing mask.
-Experience a soothing hot stone massage with loofah.
-Enjoy a paraffin treatment.
-Complete the treatment with your choice of nail color.
Bom Pedicure $85
-Special hot herbal bag placement to provide pain relief.
-Soak with flowers, bombs, lemon, and water.
-Cleanse feet with a comforting warm towel.
-Trim cuticles and nails.
-Exfoliate dead skin.
-Massage feet with a soothing blend of sugar and orange. (Feels amazing!)
-Apply a moisturizing mask, followed by paraffin heat treatment.
-Finish with a relaxing hot stone massage.

Additional Services For Feet

Gel Color (Extra) $15
Extra 10 Minutes Hot Stone Massage $12
Paraffin Treatment $10
Regular Polish Change For Feet $18
Gel Polish Change For Feet $35
Extra 15 Minutes Massage $16
Extra 30 Minutes Massage $30
French For Feet $10
Nail Art Depends On Style
Callus Treatment For Feet $10

This powerful callus soother is designed to leave feet smooth and untouched by rough patches. A fascinating blend of ingredients that gets rid of dead skin while a citrus scent provides an invigorating finish.


Dipping $50
Extra Nail Length For Hands $5
Dipping Or Gel 3 Colors Or More $5
Dipping Or Gel Colore Removal For Hands $10

Nail Enhancements

Acrylic Full Set $48
Acrylic Gel Full Set $58
Liquid Gel Full Set $60
Gelish Soft Gel Full Set $58
Acrylic Refill $38
Acrylic Gel Refill $48
Liquid Gel Refill $55
Take Off Acrylic $15
Cut Down $5

Eyelash Extensions

Lash Lift $75

(Color Extra $10)

Classic Lash Extensions

Classic Lash Extensions $130

Single eyelash extensions. Each natural eyelash gets isolated and individual extensions are applied to each natural lash. These extensions come in various lengths, widths, and curls. (about 60-70 lash extensions will be applied to each eye)

Refill 2 Weeks $70
3 - 4 Weeks $85

Hybrid Lash Extensions

Hybrid Lash Extensions $150

A combination of the classic and volume lashes to provide a fuller look yet still carries a natural look. Attaches about 70-80 lashes mix of single lashes and volume lashes to each eye.

Refill 2 Weeks $85
3 - 4 Weeks $95

Volume Blue Ocean Signature Lash Extensions

Volume Blue Ocean Signature Lash Extensions $170

Known as 3D - 6D Volume lashes. Our signature volume set provides a full, high-impact, and glamorous look with a maximum natural-looking volume. Volume lashes of choice C or D curl with two or more ultra-fine lashes apply to about 90 to 100 natural lashes on each eye to create a maximum natural volume look of 300 - 600 lashes for each eye.

Refill 2 Weeks $95
3 - 4 Weeks $115


Express Facial (30 Minutes) $55

All skin types. A quick facial regimen for the on-the-go individuals who can only spare a few minutes to get that instant glow.

Relaxation Facial (60 Minutes) $95

All skin types. Just like the express facial, but longer...and more relaxing. You will instantly feel cleansed, relaxed, and refreshed; glowing with radiance!

High-frequency treatment can be added on (to treat and prevent acne, shrink pores, and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles) for an extra $20.

Hydra Facial (90 Minutes) $125

All skin types. Especially good for oily and acne skin. Hydra Facial uses water pressure and suction to essentially vacuum blackheads, dirt, oil, and impurities out of your pores.

Cleanse and peel - Our process of cleansing and exfoliation helps reveal a new, healthy layer of skin.

Extract and hydrate - We remove debris from your pores through a painless suction method. A moisturizing mask is then applied onto your skin for hydration.

Fuse and protect - The final step is penetrating the skin surface with anti-oxidants and peptides to enhance complexion glow.

24K Gold Facial (90 Minutes) $125

Aging skin, dull skin, uneven skin tone, and/or sagging skin. 24K Gold Facial helps eliminate toxins, combats skin damage, reduces tired appearance, and brightens up the skin by circulating blood and oxygen.

Gold has strong anti-aging properties. It activates the process of cell renewal and rejuvenates the skin, reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, hydrates, and helps your skin recover faster. Gold is also rich in minerals, which can help detoxify and brighten your skin tone. This facial keeps your skin firm by maintaining collagen and inhibiting the breakdown of elasticity.

Solution for: anti-aging, detoxifying, brightening, rejuvenation, tightening

Back Facial (60 Minutes) $95

All skin types. The treatment is designed to help get rid of common skin concerns, such as dryness, acne, and hyperpigmentation. Our back facial includes a special mask to help brighten your skin, lighten hyperpigmentation, and increase blood circulation.

Oxyjet Facial (60 Minutes) $125

All skin types. Oxyjet treatment provides oxygen and nutrition to the skin to stimulate blood circulation and delay aging process, making your skin clearer, healthier, snd more radiant. Oxyjet treatment is recommended for clients who have dead and damaged skin cells and/or acne and skin pigmentations. Many clients also use Oxyjet treatment for post facial procedures such as laser or mesotherapy to help soothe and regenerate the skin.

Nano Infusion Therapy (60 Minutes) $125

All skin types except for acne skin.

Waxing Services

Eyebrows $15
Lip $10
Chin $10
Sideburns $15
Ears $15
Full Face $36
Tint Eyebrow $20
Brows Lamination $85
Cheek $40 - $45
Back $55 - $60
Stomach $25 - $30
Underarm $20
Full Arm $40
Fingers $10
Bikini $35
Brazilian Bikini $50 - $60
Upper Leg $40
Lower Leg $35
Full Legs $65
Bikini & Facial $85

Prices are subject to change without notice.